Daphne Utilities Bio-Diesel Recycling

from Used Cooking Oil and Grease

at Earth Day Mobile Bay

Daphne Utilities exhibit focus will be on the Company’s thriving Oil and Grease Recycling Program, providing literature and handouts.

Daphne Utilities Glycerin things "In 2003, The Water Reclamation Facility started a project to bring public awareness to the harmful effects of the improper disposal of grease and cooking oil. This program involved placing recycle stations in convenient locations around the community. Customers can drop off containers of used grease and cooking oil and pick-up empty containers for future disposal. These substances can then be properly disposed of at our wastewater facility and spare the environment and our sewer system the harmful effects these byproducts tend to have."

Daphne Utilities EDMB 2008 Booth There will also be several children’s activities, such as face tattoos, coloring books geared towards conservation.

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