GyroSpace GyroGym

at Earth Day Mobile Bay

Once again GyroSpace returns to Earth Day, bringing two human-sized GyroGyms. GyroSpace was founded in 1991 in Vermont by dancer/educator Don Prosch. At first, the GyroGym was a form of therapeutic exercise for an aching back plagued by too much football, baseball, and dancing. Don soon discovered however that the GyroGym was so much fun that he could also generate extra income by selling rides at festivals and events. pdf Now he takes GyroGyms to all of the major art and family festivals on the gulf coast, inspiring kids to love to exercise and promoting a love for art and dance by everyone.

The GyroGym can provide an unique, exhilarating experience that is also a great therapeutic workout. Needing no outside energy source, the GyroGyms are “Green". Once an individual, young or old, is secured into the device, the rider begins a self-controlled 3-D exploration. While some enjoy the thrills of speed and direction changes, many enjoy the calming, relaxing stretch they get from the gentle inversion controlled by themselves. The devices are also excellent athletic training devices and are manufactured in Loxley by World Sporting Goods, a major supplier of football equipment.

So, if you are looking to have some fun or get a good backstretch, come to the Fairhope pier on Earth Day to try the GyroGyms. You will not only not use electricity, you will probably burn a few calories. They are also great fun to just watch, especially with Mobile Bay in the background.

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