Lexus Lexus of Mobile

at Earth Day Mobile Bay

Lexus of Mobile exhibit Lexus of Mobile came to Earth Day Mobile Bay with a CT and an RX model, both hybrids.

From the Lexus website :

Lexus developed "full hybrid" technology ( based on the Prius' system ) for maximum performance with improved fuel economy and significantly reduced emissions.

Series hybrid: An electric motor drives the wheels. The engine's only role is to generate electricity. This system is best suited to slow moving, stop-go, traffic as it is not capable of generating higher speeds.

Parallel hybrid: The engine always provides the drive power, with the electric motor only assisting with acceleration. The electric motor never powers the vehicle by itself in this configuration.

Series / parallel hybrid: By using a power split device, Lexus has combined series and parallel layouts to create full hybrid technology. Lexus Hybrid Drive delivers a continuously variable ratio of gasoline engine and electric motor power to drive the wheels.

Full hybrid technology, unlike mild hybrid (parallel configuration), can employ the electric motor(s) as the sole power source to drive the vehicle at lower speeds. In Electric Vehicle mode, progress is near silent, no fuel is burnt and zero emissions are created. Full hybrid technology also delivers breathtaking performance with improved fuel economy and significantly reduced emissions over the combined driving cycle.

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