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The Sierra Club is a prime and proud sponsor of Earth Day Mobile Bay. The club has led conservation and ecological efforts for many years, most recently with the alternative oversight of the Gulf Oil well gusher mitigation attempts.

The best way to protect the Central and Western Gulf of Mexico is to end clean it up our dependence on oil and other fossil fuels. Instead of new drilling in the Gulf, our nation should be investing in the kind of clean energy that will create jobs and infuse new life into our economy while safeguarding our environment and public health. The BP Oil Disaster should serve as a catalyst that will launch our nation toward a cleaner, more sustainable energy future. (Statement from the Sierra Club website.)

May 2010: Countless people helped the cleanup efforts.
Pictured here, Jill, Eva, and Tanner, three
team members at the New Orleans Clean It Up Rally.
Photo: Shondra Wygal

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