DISL Dauphin Island Sea Lab

at Earth Day Mobile Bay

As a marine laboratory on the eastern tip of Dauphin Island, the pdf Dauphin Island Sea Lab's (DISL) mission encompasses marine science education, marine science research, coastal zone management policy and educating the general public through the Estuarium, DISLís public aquarium. Founded in 1971 by the State Legislature, DISL is Alabamaís marine science education and research laboratory.

The DISL serves the 21 four-year colleges and universities of Alabama through its college summer courses and graduate programs of University Programs (UP). Our educational mission also includes Discovery Hall Programs (DHP) which encompasses K-12 field programs, teacher-training, and public outreach.

The research programs of the DISL range from biogeochemistry to oceanography to paleoecology. Most research focuses on the near-shore and estuarine processes of Mobile Bay, but faculty field sites include Antarctica, Panama, Belize and other countries.

The Coastal Policy Center offers local government, industry and agency decision makers a range of coastal zone management services. One of our areaís major players in coastal zone management is the Mobile Bay National Estuary Program, which falls within the DISLís numerous activities. See us at Earth Day Mobile Bay!

Dauphin Island Sea Lab
address:101 Bienville Blvd, Dauphin Island, AL 36528